Monday, April 30, 2012

A stack of Minigolf courses visited in Littlehampton, but none played!

Seven Miniature Golf course locations (and a pit-pat course) visited in Littlehampton, West Sussex.

Following the BMGA British Masters minigolf competition in nearby Worthing I took the opportunity to visit the seaside town of Littlehampton.

On our previous south coast roadtrips Emily and I have run out of time on our way to Littlehampton and the closest we've reached on either side of the town is Felpham, near Bognor Regis and Worthing. On Sunday 22nd April I made it there, but didn't get to play any of the minigolf courses as I arrived a bit too late for some of them and a bit too early in the season for the others!

Driving into Littlehampton I spotted a Brown Tourist Sign that showed 'Putting' and pointed me in the direction of Maltravers Park. Unfortunately I couldn't see the course, it may have been too early in the season for the course to have been marked out.

Littlehampton (Maltravers Park) - There was no Putting there

Brown Tourist Sign to Maltravers Park in Littlehampton

After parking up I started walking along the promenade and spotted a big sign over the entrance of the Sharksville Adventure Golf course at Harbour Park. I only managed to get a glimpse of the course through the locked gate.

The Sharksville Adventure Golf course entrance at Harbour Park in Littlehampton

A view of the Sharksville Adventure Golf course through the gate at Harbour Park in Littlehampton

A shark with a bow tie!?
The shark on the sign outside Sharksville Adventure Golf has a Bow Tie on!?

Strolling a little further down the road I came to the the Western Putting minigolf on Banjo Road. This set-up is home to a Putting course, a Crazy Golf course (of the Swedish Felt variety) and the only Crazy Snooker course I know of in the UK! I'm looking forward to heading back in the peak season to get a game on all three of these courses, especially the Crazy Snooker as it's a game I've not yet managed to play. While visiting Vienna, Austria in 2010 I did see another of these courses - the game is also known as Pit-Pat (and Hindernis Billard). There was also an advert for this type of game (although it was called 'Crazy Pool' there) on the prom in Skegness, but the tables were long gone.

Western Putting on Banjo Road in Littlehampton - home to a Putting Course, Crazy Golf and a Crazy Snooker course!

A view of the Western Putting Minigolf Centre on Banjo Road in Littlehampton

The Putting course at Western Putting in Littlehampton

A little further down the seafront is Norfolk Gardens, home to a Pitch & Putt course, a 9-hole Adventure Golf course, the Putting Green Cafe, Bowling Greens, Tennis Courts and Miniature Railway! Norfolk Gardens are open all year round.

Norfolk Gardens in Littlehampton - home to a Pitch & Putt course and a 9-hole Adventure Golf

A view of the Adventure Golf course at Norfolk Gardens in Littlehampton

A view of the Adventure Golf course at Norfolk Gardens in Littlehampton

The Putting Green Cafe at Norfolk Gardens

The Pitch & Putt Mini Golf at Norfolk Gardens in Littlehampton

The last of the Minigolf courses I hunted for was at Mewsbrook Park. Unfortunately I couldn't find a course there, but the Miniature Railway line does pass through the Pitch & Putt course that sits between Norfolk Gardens & Mewsbrook Park - the end of the line is in Mewsbrook Park, with a station and turnaround point in Norfolk Gardens.

I couldn't find a Minigolf course in Mewsbrook Park. But Norfolk Gardens and the two Minigolf courses there are just next door to it

A view of the very well maintained Mewsbrook Park in Littlehampton

Many of the Miniature Golf course facilities in Littlehampton are operated by Inspire Leisure. They also operate some of the Minigolf courses in nearby Bognor Regis. Both towns have plenty of courses on offer and are a mixture of Crazy Golf, Adventure Golf, Mini Golf, Miniature Golf, Putting and Crazy Snooker!

I'm looking forward to returning to Littlehampton in the future to have a look around while things are open and playable.

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Richard Gottfried said...

On a recent visit to Littlehampton we managed to play the Sharksville Adventure Golf course at Harbour Park.

Richard Gottfried said...

I finally managed to play some of the courses in Littlehampton.

Unfortunately as I was suffering from some horrendous toothache during our holiday I wasn't in any condition to play the Adventure Golf, Swedish Felt or Grass Putting courses in the town.

However, we did manage to have a game of Pit-Pat (Crazy Snooker) which was brilliant, plus we had a round on the Sharksville Fantasy Golf at Harbour Park.

At least it means another trip to Littlehampton is on the cards for the future as it's a great seaside resort.

Richard Gottfried said...

The Norfolk Gardens Adventure Golf course is now called Buccaneer Bay Adventure Golf.

The miniature golf facilities in Littlehampton are now operated by ISS Lifestyle.