Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Worthing's Splash Point Mini Golf Course Becomes a Temporary Seagull-Free Zone!

Seagulls at Splash Point Mini Golf in Worthing and on Twitter, but not at the BMGA British Masters

Prior to the 2012 BMGA British Masters miniature golf tournament in Worthing on Sunday there had been some chat and worry on twitter about whether the Seagulls of the town (and its neighbouring town of Lancing) would be attacking the players of the British Minigolf Association Tour and the prized champion's jacket!

Worthing Minigolf
Richard Gottfried on the Seagull-free Splash Point Mini Golf course first thing on Saturday morning

Some Twitter chatter on the 14th and 16th of April had led to concerns that players competing in the BMGA British Masters could be divebombed off of Seagulls in the area!

A very active Seagull on Twitter is @Top_Gull. In fact he claims to be "Lancing, Worthing & Brighton's Premier Seagull"!

Worthing Minigolf
Some of Top Gull's friends gather on the perimeter of the Splash Point Mini Golf course during the practice day

Through the Splash Point Mini Golf course Twitter account (@Worthing_Golf) a request for @Top_Gull to not poop on the players as they played in Sunday’s tournament, or on the coveted BMGA British Masters Jacket that was eventually won by Michael Smith, was put out.

Seagulls Worthing
A pair of Seagulls squabble over who gets to eat what I believe to be a toasted cheese sandwich!?

Luckily a ‘No Fly Zone’ was declared by Top Gull and his #gullmafia and the players and the tweed jacket all escaped attack which Splash Point Mini Golf very much appreciated.

Seagull Worthing Minigolf
Is this @Top_Gull at the Splash Point Mini Golf course on Saturday???

Seagulls Worthing
The Seagulls stayed away from Splash Point Mini Golf course on tournament Sunday and could be found on the beach instead!

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