Thursday, September 01, 2011

Minigolf Article on the blog Smitten by Britain

You can check out a piece I've written about minigolf for the excellent blog Smitten By Britain at "Favorite Minigolf Courses in the UK".

The Smitten by Britain blog is a blog all about the best of British and is run by American Britophile Melissa Stoey and covers subjects including culture, sports, travel, history, food & drinks and books - it's the home of the Britophile and all things British.

Link - Smitten by Britain

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Richard Gottfried said...

Smitten by Britain has released the list of the Best Posts of 2011 on the Smitten by Britain website and my article about Minigolf has made the list.

Check out the full list at 'Best Posts of 2011'