Monday, October 25, 2010

Let's get Minigolf 'trending' - Twitter, Minigolf and #MinigolfMonday

Let's get Minigolf trending!

If you're on Twitter and are also into your Minigolf, Crazy Golf, Adventure Golf etc. then check out the Minigolf Twitter List - A list of Twitterers and Tweets from the Minigolfing World. I created the list to keep track of all the conversations taking place on the micro-blogging site by minigolfers/minigolf businesses etc.

With Twitter you are able to search within real-time conversations for mentions of key words - so for example you can search for mentions of the word 'minigolf' by typing the word in the search function. You can also enable the word to be clicked on in a tweet itself by 'hash-tagging' it, that is to put a # as a prefix, so minigolf becomes #minigolf.

Twitterers have also created 'themed' days, some of which include #FollowFriday, #MuppetThursday and #TravelTuesday. Over the course of a few tweets Pat, from The Putting Penguin Miniature Golf website suggested we start up a #MiniGolfMonday tweet day/trend on the site.

So here goes...

Happy Minigolf Monday
Happy #MiniGolfMonday

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