Friday, February 05, 2010 2009 UK Crazy Golf Price Survey

Crazy Golf Legend and Hall of Famer Tim 'Ace Man' Davies of the excellent, along with Emily and I here at the Ham & Egger Files, have been working on the " 2009 UK Crazy Golf Price Survey".

The 2009 UK Crazy Golf Price Survey looked at a sample of 119 Miniature Golf/Crazy Golf/Minigolf courses in the UK and came up with details of the 'best value' courses in the UK - taking into account factors including cost and fun!

Details of the survey, which gives details of courses in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands can be found at


Rickard, Sweden said...

Nice to see all the pictures of minigolfcourses in England. I play felt in Sweden and EB once a year on the Swedish series. But I have visited 2 courses in London. One in Broomfield Park in north London and another one in New Eltham in southeast London.

Richard Gottfried said...

Hello Rickard,

Thank you for your comment, glad you like the website.

I've seen a few nice courses in Sweden I'd like to play. There are some tournaments held on one similar to the course here in Blackpool.

Funnily enough we went to the brand new Swedish Felt Minigolf course in Hither Green, Lewisham today! It's an 18-hole indoor course and is a good challenge. Photos and videos to follow soon.

I haven't played the Broomfield Park course yet. We did visit there in 2007 but it was closed (as is sometimes the case on our travels)!

Which course did you play in New Eltham? Will have to add it to our 'to visit' list.

All the best,


Ace Man said...

I reckon that's Sidcup.