Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Richard Gottfried wins the Johnson's Scrap Iron Cup in Sandbanks

On Saturday 3rd October Richard Gottfried won the intra-team Johnson's Scrap Iron Cup competition played between members of the Midlands Minigolf Club.

The tournament used a two-round mixed strokeplay and matchplay format and Richard won the Cup after making the cut with a score of 27(+3) to tie with Paul Johnson in the 12-hole qualifying round, and then defeating Paul one-up in the 12-hole matchplay final. Leo Kukielka was third with a score of 29(+5).

Full details and results are below:

Johnson's Scrap Iron Cup
Sandbanks, Poole 03/10/2009
Venue: Sandbanks Crazy Golf course

Round One - Strokeplay
Rank Player Score
1 Richard Gottfried 27
1 Paul Johnson 27
3 Leo Kukielka 29
4 Jas Kukielka 31
5 Owen Johnson 33
5 Cindy Kukielka 33
7 Seve Kukielka DNS

Round Two - Matchplay

Richard Gottfried vs. Paul Johnson

Richard Gottfried wins one-up

Final Rankings
Rank Player
1 Richard Gottfried
2 Paul Johnson
3 Leo Kukielka
4 Jas Kukielka
5 Owen Johnson
5 Cindy Kukielka
7 Seve Kukielka

Rules of the Johnson's Scrap Iron Cup
Played between members of the Midlands Minigolf Club
Played in groups of two in round one
Groups are drawn at random using the 'balls in a hat' technique
Round one is a strokeplay match played over 9, 12 or 18 holes
The two players with the top scores after round one qualify for the second round/final
Round two is a matchplay match played over 9, 12 or 18 holes
The winner of the matchplay match becomes the Scrap Iron Cup* Champion**

* The Scrap Iron Cup (aka the 'NABBA ENGLAND 95 CLASS TWO WINNER' Trophy) remains the property of Owen and Paul Johnson
** The Reigning Scrap Iron Champion retains the cup until the next defence whereupon it is given up until the next Scrap Iron Cup tournament has been completed

Post-Scrap Iron Cup minigolf tournament interview with Richard Gottfried.

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