Saturday, October 17, 2009

Latest rounds at Tea Green Golf's Minigolf Course

For the first time in months we had a weekend off playing on the BMGA Tour, so what did we do? Go up to our local minigolf course at Tea Green of course!

We haven't had a chance to play the course since August and it was interesting to see some of the changes made to the layout and obstacles since our last visit.

While we were there I played three rounds against Course Manager Lester Coles, who beat me in two of the games! In the third round I hit a 33(-3), which equalled the 18-hole course record.

The new course record for 9-holes is 13(-5) held by Tea Green Golf staff member Scott.

While at the course I also had a play on the 9-hole Putting Green, scoring an Ace on the first hole on my way to a two over par 20. Here's me playing the ninth hole.

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