Monday, May 03, 2021

Woolworths in Nuneaton

Finding a Woolworths ghost sign.

A Woolworths ghost sign in Nuneaton

We were surprised to see a Woolworths ghost sign while walking through Nuneaton town centre!

A Woolworths ghost sign in Nuneaton

The sign was above the store's former entrance on Queens Road.

A Woolworths ghost sign in Nuneaton
Social distancing signage alongside Woolworths branding - not something I ever thought I'd see

The shop was most recently a Poundland and before then had been a 99p Stores and a TJ Hughes.

A Woolworths ghost sign in Nuneaton

The former Woolworths in Nuneaton
You can see some of Poundland's 'Sorry We Have Closed' messaging on the shopfront. Interestingly one of our local Poundland shops in Stockport has recently closed and where the signage has been removed you can see a British Home Stores ghost sign

Other Woolies

The last Woolworths shop in the UK closed in January 2009 so it's always nice when remnants of the brand become visible again.

We took a look at an old Woolworths store in Brunstane, Edinburgh in August 2011. That was a Big W Woolworths store at The Jewel retail park. It's long gone now.