Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Mini GOAT course near Ayron, France

A look at a Mini Golf course near Ayron in France.

Many thanks to Thomas at Boîte de Timbres for sending me over this snap of an out of season miniature golf course near Ayron, France.

Mini Golf course near Ayron, France by Thomas at BoitedeTimbres 310319
Crazy Goats!

During the off-season goats are kept on the course to keep the growth down over the winter. The course is the site of a holiday camp on the shores of a lake that opens for the summer.

Before moving to France Thomas had a stamp and postcard shop in Letchworth Garden City where I found many marvellous minigolf postcards for my collection.

Check out the Boîte de Timbres website to look through the Aladdin's cave for stamp collectors.

- Boîte de Timbres

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