Thursday, February 21, 2019

Dino Adventure Golf course at the Blackpool Tower

Dino Golf at the Blackpool Tower.

Dino Mini Golf course at the Blackpool Tower
The Dino Mini Golf course is on Level 7 of the Blackpool Tower

We were lucky enough to visit Blackpool twice in August last year and that meant we were able to revisit a number of miniature golf courses.

The Blackpool Tower
The Blackpool Tower

Unfortunately we didn't have time on either occasion to make the most of a full visit to the Blackpool Tower, so we're saving our visit to play the Dino Golf course there for another day.

Advert for the Blackpool Tower
An advert for the Blackpool Tower at one of the town's tram stops

Visit the Blackpool Tower website for more information on prices and opening times.

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