Friday, November 25, 2016

Junkyard Golf in Manchester

A visit to the Junkyard Crazy Golf course in Piccadilly Place, Manchester.

While on a recent trip to Manchester I managed to pop along to the new Junkyard Golf courses in Piccadilly Place. They look marvellous.

Junkyard Crazy Golf course in Manchester
A classic seaside hazard

Junkyard Crazy Golf course in Manchester
Always nice to see a volcano on a Crazy Golf course

Junkyard Crazy Golf course in Manchester
The last time I putted into a bathtub was while playing The Crazy Golf Machine in the Crazy Golf Museum!

Junkyard Crazy Golf course in Manchester
I'm a BIG fan of minigolf sharks

Junkyard Crazy Golf course in Manchester
What is more appealing than a WARNING TOXIC WASTE sign. A perfect addition to the ludicrously crazy minigolf course at Junkyard Golf

Check out the Junkyard Golf website for more details on the Manchester and London courses. We've heard good things about the FOUR London courses the team at Junkyard Golf have created too.

Emily and I are looking forward to having a game on the two layouts as part of our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour soon.

We've now visited 693 courses in the UK and 26 overseas. One of those courses was in the very same spot as Junkyard Golf. Back in 2012 there was a Christmas-themed Crazy Golf course set-up for six weeks. That course was the 313th played. I also won the Chrizy Golf Masters tournament there during that visit!

- Junkyard Golf
- Junkyard Golf Manchester

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Richard Gottfried said...

On my recent trip to London I got to play the four very crazy minigolf courses at Junkyard Golf on Brick Lane.

Check out the blog post Junkyard Golf in London for more info.