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Gluten free at El Piano restaurant in York

A brilliant gluten free and vegan meal at El Piano in York.

El Piano restaurant in York serves great gluten free and vegan food

While visiting the wonderful city of York I found that I was spoiled for choice when it came to options of where to eat. So many restaurants and takeaways had gluten free options, or stated they could cater for special dietary requirements.

Having so many choices and so little time (and capacity) to eat at all of them on this trip was a nice problem to have. While walking around the city centre on our arrival on the Thursday we'd spotted the El Piano restaurant and the brightly coloured menu outside. It clearly stated that they offered food that is vegan, has no gluten, is nut-free, and without palm-oil. The menu served 'all plant based dishes with no gluten-containing ingredients'.

Gluten free and vegan meal at El Piano restaurant in York
The brilliant menu at El Piano

The menu also clearly stated that dishes containing soya, coconut, sesame or mustard (4 of the official 14 allergens) were shown in BOLD red text.

We decided that we would definitely dine there on our stay and so after a long day of shopping, postcard hunting, playing Bar Billiards and walking we headed there for dinner on the Friday evening. And I am so glad we did.

It was one of the best meals I've had. There was so much to choose from and we had great service from the friendly and knowledgeable staff. The restaurant looked great and it was so pleasing to see the other diners excited to be eating there too.

We spent a while looking over the menu and there was a lot to choose from. I quite fancied having Bob's Best Burger, but then Emily and I both decided to go for the interesting main courses where you got to 'build your own plate'.

Gluten free and vegan meal at El Piano restaurant in York
My main course

The options offered gave an around-the-world flavour. You chose a principal dish, added fritters and then a cold salad. There were also Greens gluten free beers available on the drinks menu. Always a nice touch for gluten free diners to be able to choose a beer with a meal.

Gluten free and vegan meal at El Piano restaurant in York
A very happy Coeliac diner indeed

I went for the Chow Mein, with Pineapple Croquetas (fresh pineapple with a hint of madras) and the Big E Salsa. Emily went for the Mexi Trio, Pestolitos and Hummus. I also treated myself to a side order of Mathematical Chips (square root veg chips) with El Piano ketchup.

Gluten free and vegan meal at El Piano restaurant in York
Emily's Mexican main course

We couldn't leave without having a dessert. I had a lovely sticky toffee pudding, while Emily had a chocolate mousse pie that she couldn't finish. Unfortunately I had to scoff the last of it.

All of the food was amazing. With so many different flavours and new things to try it was brilliant for us to be able to taste off of each others plates with no fear of cross-contamination. This was the first meal out we'd had since my diagnosis with Coeliac Disease where we weren't scared, or unable, to do this and it felt pretty much 'normal'.

The restaurant is now in its 18th year and long may it continue.

I can't wait to go back to York and we'll definitely be eating at El Piano again.

Visit the El Piano website for more information and menus.

- El Piano website

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