Thursday, April 23, 2015

Gluten free at Six Poor Folk in Knaresborough

A gluten free meal at the Six Poor Følk restaurant in Knaresborough.

While in Knaresborough we were looking for somewhere to eat and while checking the restaurants in the town centre we spotted a bottle of Mongozo gluten free beer lined up with some other beers in the window at Six Poor Følk at Castlegate.

We checked the menu and noticed it said gluten free options were available. We managed to get a table for two and I double checked with the waiter what was gluten free. I was told that much of the menu was gluten free, so it was one of those occasions when I had to pick something and get the waiter to double check with the kitchen if it was OK. Unfortunately the Pork Belly dish I had spotted on the menu outside had run out, but there were options for a starter and main so we decided to dine there. I also ordered a bottle of Mongozo.

Gluten free at Six Poor Folk in Knaresborough
Emily had the Ham Hock Terrine, Chicken Schnitzel and Lemon Posset. My gluten free choices were the Warm Duck Salad, Pan Fried Coley (pictured) and another Mongozo beer for pudding

Six Poor Følk is worth a visit. We had very good service and tasty food. Emily really enjoyed her (non-gluten free) three courses too.

For more information visit the Six Poor Følk website. Interestingly when looking at the menus online there is an Allergy Menu that can be viewed/downloaded (April 2015 here). As mentioned, when I ordered in the restaurant I wasn't given a copy of the allergy menu, but had to relay my choices from the 'normal menu' via the waiter, to the kitchen and back to me again.

- Six Poor Følk website

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