Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ed's Easy Diner goes gluten free

Ed's Easy Diner announce a new gluten free menu.

Ed's Easy Diner will be opening in The Mall Luton in May 2015. The diner's also have a new gluten free menu
Ed's Diner is opening in The Mall Luton in May 2015

1950's themed diner chain Ed's Easy Diner has launched a new gluten free menu!

I was tipped me off about the new menu as she is a big fan of the diners and received the latest newsletter with info all about the gluten free options.

It looks and sounds great. Having been on a strict gluten and wheat free diet since my diagnosis with Coeliac Disease in 2008 I haven't eaten anywhere like Ed's for ages. Luckily there is a new diner opening at The Mall in Luton this May. I can't wait to try it out as there looks to be a lot of choice (85% of the 'normal' menu has been adapted to make it gluten free).

The gluten free menu will be served from breakfast to dinner. There are GF buns for hot dogs and burgers and the fries are OK too! Special malt-free milkshakes and three desserts will also be available. On the alcoholic beverages side of things you can get CELIA gluten free lager.

Ed's Gluten Free Menu looks great - with a choice of ten Hamburgers and five Hot Dogs!

With more new diners opening there will soon be over 30 to choose from around the UK.

Check out Ed's Easy Diner website for more information, locations and menus. You can also sign-up to Ed's Club where you'll receive news and offers.

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