Monday, March 09, 2015

'Shove it, Chuck it, Toss it...' pub games blog

Check out the 'Shove it, Chuck it, Toss it...' blog about traditional pub games.

Playing Northamptonshire Table Skittles at the Engineers Arms pub in Henlow, Bedfordshire
Playing a game of Northamptonshire Skittles while at a pub in Bedfordshire

Travelling around the country as much as we do we get to visit lots of new and interesting places. When heading to a new town we'll have a look to see what sports or games are available to play in the pubs or parks there.

While our main aim is to visit every miniature golf course in the UK we do like playing pub games.

The Pub Games blog 'Shove it, Chuck it, Toss it...' is a brilliant site, full of details of places to play traditional pub games.

Some like bowls, cribbage, darts, pool and dominoes will be familiar to many people, others including Devil Amongst The Tailors, Nurdles, Daddlums and Put and Take are more obscure or particular to a region.

One of the games with regional variations is skittles, which can be found in Bedfordshire, Leicestershire, Norfolk, Northamptonshire and Rugby.

My home town of Abingdon is a bit of a hot bed of Aunt Sally - a game that isn't really played much outside of Oxfordshire, save for a few places in Warwickshire and the West Country.

'Shove it, Chuck it, Toss it...'
Rockingham Forest Cider

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John Penny said...

Hey Richard I'm glad I'm glad not to be the only nutter about unusual games in this country. I am one of only about 5 self-confessed anoraks for pub games in the world (we have a fellow nutter in Perth Australia) Do drop me a line and we'll all go down the funny farm together
ps I'm in Dorset, which probably explains a few things.

Richard Gottfried said...

Hi John,

Top stuff.

What's your favourite odd/obscure/strange game and/or pub game?