Thursday, February 19, 2015

Darts and Skittles at the Jolly Drayman in Gravesend

Playing some darts at the Jolly Drayman Pub in Gravesend.

On a recent trip to Gravesend, Kent we visited the Jolly Drayman pub that's a short walk from the town centre. It's well worth a visit.

Darts at the Jolly Drayman pub in Gravesend, Kent
We played a fair few games of darts at the Jolly Drayman. Luckily I didn't score under eleven in our matches. The pub has a nice, spacious and bright darts area. You can also buy darts, flights and spares there. I was undefeated in my games of 301 against Brad Shepherd and Seth Thomas so treated myself to some new flights

Pub skittles table at the Jolly Drayman pub in Gravesend, Kent
As we were leaving the pub we spotted a skittles table! I'll definitely try and give it a play in my next visit to Gravesend

I've played a few different types of pub skittles, including the rare London Skittles. In 2012 we played Northamptonshire Skittles on a table that was a little wider, but shorter than the one in the lobby of the Jolly Drayman.

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Seth Thomas said...

You forgot about letting Brad 'ave one leg. Cos he was getting upset about not having won anything! Even when I was supposedly pissed I beat him haha.
Poor Bradders.

Richard Gottfried said...

There was nothing supposedly about your state ;-)

Brad's 'win' didn't count as the 'proper' tournament was over and done with by that point.

Mark said...

Richard, I'm putting together a short resource on Daddlums and other rare table skittle games as part of my blog. Would it be possible to use the image on this post with a credit and link back here of course?

Cheers, Mark

Richard Gottfried said...

Hi Mark. Thanks for the comment. Yes, you can use the photo of the skittles table. If you drop me an email it'd be great to have a chat about pub games. All the very best, Richard.