Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Dinner at Vozars gluten free restaurant in Brixton

Enjoying a three-course gluten & wheat free meal at the Spiced Winter Warmer event at Vozars restaurant.

Emily and I enjoying dining at Vozars restaurant in Brixton Village Market as it offers great food and drink - and is safe and suitable for coeliac diners as the menu is all gluten and wheat free!

Dinner at Vozars gluten free restaurant in Brixton
My first turkey dinner of the festive season

Being on the Vozars mailing list and keeping an eye on what they are up to on Twitter and Facebook we heard about the Spiced Winter Warmer event taking place and decided to treat ourselves to a 'festive season' meal.

Once again the food and service was excellent. Check out the photos for a view of two of the six dishes we had (between us). To get an idea of the taste and smell you'll have to go along yourself.

Dinner at Vozars gluten free restaurant in Brixton
Emily was pleased with the risotto cake

Dinner at Vozars gluten free restaurant in Brixton
An excellent chocolate pudding for dessert 

I really enjoyed the duck carpaccio as a starter and Emily had a risotto cake (ball!) with grilled mushrooms and salad. The risotto cake had a great crispy coating.

For main I had the confit turkey breast with traditional Czech Christmas stuffing, cranberry sauce and the yellowest sweet potato mash I have ever seen! Emily had the ham hock cooked in shallots and horseradish served with butternut squash and a chilli and apple compote.

The desserts were brilliant. Although the Chocolate pudding defeated me, enabling Emily to have some of it too. It was served with Celia caramel and Crème Anglaise. Emily tells me the berry crumble with cinnamon ice cream was great too. I was too full to try any.

Of course the meal went very well with a Celia lager or two.

As well as lunch and dinner, Vozars has a number of special pop-up events throughout the year, and you can also pop in to grab a cake or savoury snack to takeaway.

The 2014 Christmas menu at Vozars begins today (3 December) and one of the dishes is a beer battered cod! One of my favourite dishes.

Visit the Vozars website and Twitter feed and keep up-to-date with Vozars and Celia Lager via Facebook and Twitter for news, events and competitions.


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Check out the new Winter Menu on the Vozar's website.