Thursday, August 07, 2014

Golf Putting Green in Prestwick

Visiting Prestwick and the new Miniature Golf Putting Green at Prestwick Beach.

Putting Green at Prestwick Beach
The Putting Green at Prestwick Beach

Having visited Troon earlier in the morning we headed one stop down the train line to Prestwick to visit the new Putting Green at Prestwick Beach.

Putting Green at Prestwick Beach
Outside the Putting Green at Prestwick Beach

Unfortunately, most likely due to the weather, it was also closed when we arrived.

Putting Green at Prestwick Beach
The Prestwick Beach Putting Green costs £2 a round for adults

A shame as it looked like a good spot for a game of Minigolf. The putting surface looked to be on a bit of a slope and with the exposure to the elements would make for an interesting round.

The course became the 574th visited overall on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour and the 232nd visited but not played.


Anonymous said...

I've played this Prestwick putting course, it's not that great on the slope and looks a bit functional and ugly. Largs further up the coast is lovely and worth the trip.


Richard Gottfried said...

Lovely views from the course. Even with a choppy sea on the day we visited.

Richard Gottfried said...

Check out the Putting Plus Facebook page for more information and photos of the Putting Plus Putting Green in Prestwick.

Andy said...

Hello Richard.

Prestwick used to have a lovely putting green. Complete with a shelter anyone could use, and a small, white wooden fence in keeping with the beach location. The land was used 52 weeks a year and it worked for the community as a whole. It's a pity they haven't reintroduced a like-for-like version of that :(


Andy said...

I looked out this old postcard to share with you... wasn't it refined?

Prestwick Prom Putting Green, circa 1961.

Sitting on the benches on the promenade, I can't tell you the number of people passing by who bemoan the introduction of this carbuncle of an big concrete shed and farm-like fence. The fence is now littered with A4 flyers, telling people where they can and can't much it costs to play...Unbelievable.

Sorry to rant! But looking through your site, seeing how other Council's run similar facilities, sympathetic to the community, it fair upsets me.

Hope you enjoy the postcard from Prestwick!

(as a regular promenader, I can tell you the putting is shut again today).

Best wishes


Lems said...

The Old Postcard does look nice, but I think the new putting has been installed really sympatheticlly.

The hut is in keeping with the style of the houses, and the fence is low and unobtrusive compared to some of those I've seen around the country (six-foot high security fences are the norm!).

For a modern putting course I think it looks great, and its better that something new is opening, and is there for locals and tourists to use, even if only open a few weeks a year, rather than nothing at all.

Fiona said...

Haha! It's interesting to read that you, Lems, think the nearby houses were a consideration when it came to the design of the hut! That's a good joke :D

Why are security fences necessary when the putters and such like are presumably locked up in the shed when it's closed? It's not a crazy golf course, that could be vandalised, there's just...grass.


Richard Gottfried said...

John Hunter at the Putting Plus Putting Green in Prestwick, Scotland has got in touch to let me know their 2015 season begins this Bank Holiday weekend.

Check out the Putting Plus Facebook page and Google+ for more information.

Richard Gottfried said...

The Putting Plus miniature golf course in Prestwick, Scotland is hosting the inaugural Buzzworks Scottish Open Putting Championship on the 1st and 2nd of August.

For more information check out my blog post at Buzzworks Scottish Open Putting Championship in Prestwick.

- Putting Plus on Facebook