Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Finger Jousting Win-Loss Record

'Squire' Richard of Surleigh's Finger Jousting Win/Loss Record from 2006-2014.

With the 2014 World Finger Jousting Championships taking place at the World Alternative Games in Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales fast approaching here is an update of my Finger Jousting Win/Loss Record as 'Squire' Richard of Surleigh.

Career Win-Loss Record Stats
- Played 132
- Won 120
- Lost 9
- Tied 3
- % Won 90.91%

Matches (Pre-Official Membership of the WFJF)
- Played 14
- Won 9
- Lost 5
- Tied 0
- % Won 64.29%

Matches (Since Official Membership of the WFJF)
- Played 118
- Won 111
- Lost 4
- Tied 3
- % Won 94.07%

Finger jousting is a sport where two consenting players square off in an attempt to prod their opponent with their lancing (right) index finger before the opposing player can. The competitors must keep their right hands locked in an arm wrestling fashion and not use their legs or latent (left) arm in an offensive manner. The competitors are known as jousters, and the act of touching the other person’s body with the index finger is known as lancing.

Since the 5th October 2006 I have faced over 30 different opponents in 24 different locations and I am undefeated for over seven years (21.12.06 - present) - an 89 bout undefeated streak.

- World Finger Jousting Federation
- World Alternative Games 2014

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