Friday, March 07, 2014

Great gluten free food & drink at the Gluugle launch party

Great food and drink at the Gluugle gluten free review website and app launch party.

The gluten free review site Gluugle held a launch party at The Truscott Arms in Maida Vale, London last night and as one of the reviewers I was invited along to meet the team and fellow coeliacs & gluten intolerants, and sample some of the great gluten free food available at the pub.

Upon arriving I was very impressed by the menu at The Truscott Arms, as the vast majority of it is gluten free, or has a GF option available. I'll be heading back there for a full meal soon and I heard the Sunday Roast dinner is brilliant.

Its always great to meet with fellow coeliacs to share tips and especially so when you can also scoff some great food and beer!

The beer at the Gluugle launch was supplied by Celia lager, a beverage I am a big fan of. The food included a selection of what's available on the menu at the pub, with fish & chips, beef shin chips, 'fake rye bread' bruschetta and black pudding scotch eggs!

Some of the Fish & Chips and Celia lager from the Gluugle launch event - I was too busy eating to get photos of all the food!

I also noticed that the pub serve Pork Scratchings too! Another snack I'm a big fan of.

It was a shame that my appetite and capacity to eat more has been somewhat decimated by being a Coeliac or I would've eaten a LOT more of the fantastic food laid on by The Truscott Arms and the brilliant Doughnuts from Wild Thexton - the first Doughnuts I've had since 2009!

A selection of the brilliant doughnuts from Wild Thexton - a shame I'd filled up on savoury food else I would've scoffed a fair few more of these tasty treats - the ultimate place to share and discover great gluten free places - is packed full of reviews and recommendations of places to dine out gluten free. You can also download the Gluugle iphone app for free.

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