Sunday, March 30, 2014

Congo River Adventure Golf at Blaby Golf Centre

Playing the 329th miniature golf course on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour at Blaby Golf Centre in Leicestershire.

Blaby Golf Centre is home to an 18-hole Minigolf course - the Congo River

On Thursday 27th March 2014 we visited Blaby Golf Centre in Leicestershire to play the Congo River Adventure Golf course.

A previous visitor to the Congo River Adventure Golf course in Blaby!

There's a crashed plane on the course too!

On the day of our visit we were told that three of the 18-holes were being cleaned/repaired so we'd only be able to have a partial round.

Adventure Golf at Blaby Golf Centre
One of the closed holes

As we'd travelled to Blaby specifically to play the course we weren't put off by the prospect of not having a full game.

The Adventure Golf layout is interesting and has some unique hole designs. Some of the holes have a carpet-like surface, while others are felt coverings.

Emily putting at Blaby Golf Centre
Richard putting by the crashed plane

One of the holes sees you Putting over a bridge walkway

A view of the Congo River. In Blaby, Leicestershire!

Emily playing hole 17 on her way to a slight victory over Richard

In our match-up Emily and I tied on a score of 49 apiece, although as Emily scored a hole-in-one and I didn't she picked up the victory.

The course was the 329th played and 549th visited overall on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour.


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