Monday, March 31, 2014

New Mini Golf course opening soon in Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham

36-hole Miniature Golf centre opening at Birmingham's Cannon Hill Park in April 2014.

My fellow Minigolfer adventurers Paul & Owen Johnson and newly based in Birmingham Minigolf duo Steve Sturdy and Ruth Burke have let me know that a new 36-hole Mini Golf centre is opening at Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham in April 2014!

The sign on the fence displaying details of the new 36-hole Mini Golf course opening in April  (photo by Paul Johnson)

The venue will be home to two 18-hole courses that from the look of the plans and details in the news release sound like they'll be great.

Check out the photos of the new Golden Putter Mini Golf site in the photos below taken by Paul Johnson and Steve Sturdy in March 2014.

It was still a bit muddy when Steve Sturdy and Ruth Burke visited the Cannon Hill Park site (photo by Steve Sturdy)

One of the holes in the process of being built (photo by Paul Johnson)

Cannon Hill Park has an interesting Miniature Golf history, as many years ago it was home to a concrete Crazy Golf course that Owen 'Jackpot' Johnson unearthed on a visit in 2011.

The remnants of 'hole 3' of the very old Cannon Hill Park Crazy Golf course discovered by Owen Johnson in 2011

The park was then the site of a semi-portable Minigolf course that had made its way from Rotherham, to the Pier in Clacton-on-Sea and then back inland to Birmingham!

Emily and I didn't manage to play the course when it was in Cannon Hill Park, but did play the great (17-hole!) layout in Clacton in 2011.

The team at Golden Putter Mini Golf also operate the Lammas Park Adventure Golf course in Staines, the Minigolf at Wroxham Barns, the Minigolf at St Nicholas Park in Warwick and the Clifton Park course in Rotherham.

Apart from the Rotherham course, our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour has taken us to the rest of those operated by Greenspace Leisure / Golden Putter Mini Golf and really enjoyed testing our skills on them. We're looking forward to heading to play the new layout at Cannon Hill Park soon.

- Golden Putter Mini Golf
- Greenspace Leisure Ltd
- Birmingham City Council

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Richard Gottfried said...

The new 36-hole Mini Golf course at Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham is now open!

For more information check out the Golden Putter website.