Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Winning the Chrizy Golf Masters Minigolf Tournament!

Playing the Chrizy Golf Christmas-themed Crazy Golf course in Manchester. The course was the 313th played on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour.

On Friday 30th November 2012 my fellow Minigolfer John ‘Big Al’ Moore and I headed up (or in his case down) to Manchester and the 9-hole “Chrizy Golf” Crazy Golf course that is set-up in Manchester’s Piccadilly Place until Christmas Eve!

Christmas + Crazy Golf = Chrizy Golf

I’d found out about the course via a blog post by the team at Putterfingers and as the 9-hole festive-themed course is only in place for six weeks I was really keen to get to see and play it before it was gone. And when we heard there was a Crazy Golf competition lined-up we arranged our trip.

The view of the Chrizy Golf course (and a tram) from the bridge opposite Piccadilly Place

The course is only open from private bookings made in advance so John and I were unable to have any friendly fun rounds before the Chrizy Golf Masters Championship teed-off! We did however ‘warm-up’ with some cold drinks in the bar area and had a look around the course. It looks great and each of the 9-holes is well made with most of them having a couple of different routes to the hole/ace lines.

The 313th course visited and played on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour!

The Chrizy Golf competition teed-off and John and I found ourselves in a right battle with me scoring a run of twos and John slightly up and down, carding a four and an ace along with a pair of twos in the first four holes.

John 'YI' Moore fires a shot on the 7th hole

Another four was to follow for John, along with a bogey three, but he finished with flair, scoring a great hole-in-one on the 9th hole to record a Chrizy Golf Masters score of 21(+3). I carded two threes and no aces for a round of 20(+2) which was enough to win the event and take the title of Chrizy Golf Champion along with the tournament trophy! Proving that wearing a festive jumper was a lucky and wise move*.

Relaxing by the 'fire' on hole 9 following my victory in the Chrizy Golf Masters minigolf competition

Following the competition we were able to have some more rounds and in the closely fought contests we each recorded scores of 22(+4) in game one. John then defeated me 25-26 in game two. We then played an 18-hole Matchplay Chrizy Golf game which saw John lead all the way until I won on the second hole of the sudden-death play-off!

The longest hole on the course!

If you’re a fan of Crazy Golf and/or Christmas the Chrizy Golf course is well worth a look.

The Christmas Crazy Golf Champion!
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*Note: While it was “wise and lucky” and looked good to wear a festive jumper for a Christmas-themed Crazy Golf tournament, being the only person wearing one in a very busy Wetherspoon pub in Manchester City Centre on a Friday night in November was not lol.

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