Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Indoor Minigolf at Magical Golf FX in Felixstowe

Results from our match at Felixstowe's Magical Golf FX indoor Miniature Golf course at Manning's Amusement Park.

Manning's Amusement Park in Felixstowe

On Friday 14th December Emily and I made another revisit to Felixstowe, Suffolk and had a game of the 13-hole indoor Adventure Golf course at Manning's Amusement Park.

Playing hole 4 of the Magical Golf FX course. Often a good chance  for a hole-in-one

The Magical Golf FX Minigolf course is located within the amusement arcade and is an interesting course to play, with a variety of themes and obstacles. It's always a tricky course to tackle too.

Emily with a choice of cups to putt into on the the revolving first green

In our match-up I defeated Emily with a score of 32 to her 44 over the 13-holes. Once again neither of us managed to win a free game on the 'lucky' 13th hole. My round of 32 was, as far as I can remember, my best round on the course in all the times we've played there. And we've played there a lot over the years! 

The uphill 5th hole caused some problems for Emily this time around, while I just missed out on a nice two

The course was the 5th we ever played when we first started out touring the UK's seasides. At that point we never thought we'd go on to visit over 500 courses on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour!

The tricky 11th at Manning's. I managed to score a bit of a fluky ace on my go

Felixstowe Christmassy Tournament Results 2008 to 2012
- 14/12/2012 - Richard defeated Emily 32-44
- 11/12/2010 - Richard bested Emily 36-41 
- 13/12/2009 - Richard beat Emily 39-47 
- 13/12/2008 - Richard defeated Emily 35-39


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