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Results from the Minigolfer’s Annual Christmas Darts ‘Do’ in London

Brad ‘The Fist’ Shepherd makes it four Christmas competition wins in-a-row!

Gravesend’s Brad ‘Norovirus’ Shepherd won the annual Christmas ‘Do’ for the fourth year in-a-row with victory in the “Riverclose Worlds UnProfessional Minigolfer's Darts Championship” held at Rileys Victoria in London on Sunday 23rd December 2012.
Brad Shepherd 'takes' the cup
The tournament saw eight dartists step up to the oche on the evening and after a quick warm-up and a few swift pints the format for the event was decided and the draw was made.

The eight players were drawn into two groups for a round-robin stage, with the group winners advancing to the semi-finals along with the two group stage runners-up. As the reigning Christmas Champion Brad was the seeded player in Group 2, with BMGA Darts Champion Alan ‘Stormin’ Norman drawn into Group 1.
The players inaction. Lots of mental arithmetic in full flow
Alan ‘Stormin’ Norman qualified as the top player in Group 1 after beating Jon ‘The Stance’ Angel in a play-off to decide the group winner after both players had won 2 and lost one game.

Richard ‘Squire’ Gottfried was the winner of Group 2 with three wins from his three matches. Brad ‘The Fist’ Shepherd was the group runner-up.
Steve 'What's the Skinny?' Gow draws quite a crowd
Results from Group 1 all matches one-leg 301-straight-in, double-out
Chris Jones beat Alan Norman
Jon Angel beat Steve Gow
Alan Norman beat Jon Angel
Steve Gow beat Chris Jones
Jon Angel beat Chris Jones
Steve Gow lost to Alan Norman

Rankings from Group 1
1. Alan Norman – won 2, lost 1 Q*
2. Jon Angel – won 2, lost 1 q
3. Chris Jones – won 1, lost 2
3. Steve Gow – won 1, lost 2
* Alan beat Jon in a play-off to determine who would qualify as the group winner to face the group runner-up from Group 2

Results from Group 2all matches one-leg 301-straight-in, double-out
Richard Gottfried beat Emily Gottfried
Seth Thomas lost to Brad Shepherd
Richard Gottfried beat Brad Shepherd
Emily Gottfried beat Seth Thomas
Seth Thomas lost to Richard Gottfried
Brad Shepherd beat Emily Gottfried

Rankings from Group 2
1. Richard Gottfried – won 3, lost 0 Q
2. Brad Shepherd – won 2, lost 1 q
3. Emily Gottfried – won 1, lost 2
4. Seth Thomas – won 0, lost 3 

The semi-finals saw Squire face The Stance in a 501 match, eventually finishing on double one. In the other match The Fist picked up the win against Stormin to advance to yet another Christmas Final. 

Semi-Finalsone-leg 501-straight-in, double-out
Richard Gottfried beat Jon Angel
Alan Norman lost to Brad Shepherd

Classification Matches for places 5-8all one-leg 301-straight-in, double-out
Steve ‘F1’ Gow lost to Emily ‘Ah Bristow’ Gottfried
Chris ‘Stretch’ Jones lost to Seth ‘Sethers’ Thomas
Emily ‘Lemony Lemster’ Gottfried lost to Seth ‘Wandsworth’ Thomas – Seth finished in 5th place to win ‘the shield’
Steve ‘Stevie Gow’ Gow beat Chris ‘Stretch’ Jones to finish in 7th place

Before the final Norman & Angel faced-off for the third time in the evening in a one-leg 501 game to decide who would take the last spot on the podium. The BMGA Darts Champion showed his class and took the win against Jon ‘Safe Darts’ Angel.

3rd/4th place play-off one-leg 501-straight-in, double-out
Alan Norman beat Jon Angel

The final match was played in a best of three-legs format on one of the ‘fancy’ boards with electronic scoring. The referee/scorer for the contest was Emily ‘Dagenham Dan’ Gottfried. The first leg was won by The Fist after innumerable chances were squandered by both players. The second leg was clinched by Squire to mild interest from the spectators.

With the crowd growing restless and eager to head off for a curry in Bayswater Brad nailed his finish to take the win and his fourth Christmas ‘Do’ title victory in four years! An amazing achievement indeed.

Finalbest of three-legs 301-straight-in, double-out
Brad Shepherd beat Richard Gottfried 2-1
The ever-popular Brad Shepherd receives congratulations from his fellow competitors
Ranking Table
1. Brad Shepherd
2. Richard Gottfried
3. Alan Norman
4. Jon Angel
5. Seth Thomas
6. Emily Gottfried
7. Steve Gow
8. Chris Jones

Following the main-event Alan ‘Stormin’ Norman organised a game of ‘Halve-It’ between the eight contestants. With three lives each the players attempted to best the previous player’s score, with any failure to exceed the target meaning a life was lost. Guess who won? Alan was the runner-up though.
Alan 'Halve-It' Norman and another player at the Darts Tournament 
Brad ‘Mr Christmas’ Shepherd picked up yet another victory on the night as he was on the winning team, along with Seth Thomas & Steve Gow in the three-a-side Table Football match.
The three-a-side Table Football match-up
Crazy Golfers Christmas Do/Shenanigans Hall of Fame
2012 – Brad ‘The Fist’ Shepherd – Riverclose Worlds UnProfessional Minigolfer's Darts Championship
2011 – Brad ‘The Fist’ Shepherd – Rivernear Worlds Professional Crazy Golfers Darts Championships
2010 – Brad ‘The Fist’ Shepherd – Christmas Minigolf 9-Hole Putting Green Sudden Death Challenge
2010 – Keith Kellard & Jon Angel (Team KJ Choice) – Sim BIG Golf Par-3's of the World Doubles Challenge
2009 – Brad ‘The Fist’ Shepherd – Christmas-themed Crazy Golf at Devonshire Square
Before Records Began – Lionel ‘The Spoon’ Bender – Crazy Golf Contest

The Christmas Club Committee will be convening in early 2013 to confirm the contest for next Christmas. If any readers know of Brad’s sporting weaknesses do let them know. Suggestions on a postcard...


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