Friday, December 21, 2012

Adventure Golf, Crazy Golf and Minigolf in Manchester

Details of the Adventure Golf, Crazy Golf and Minigolf courses played in Manchester since April 2009.

On our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour Emily and I have visited a number of Miniature Golf courses in Manchester. The city has some great courses that are worth a look.

At the Championship Miniature Golf designed 9-hole course at the Trafford Golf Centre

Emily on one of the holes of the two course, 36-hole Paradise Island indoor Adventure Golf course at the Trafford Centre

On the last hole of the Wythenshawe Park Crazy Golf course

Putting at the launch event for Birdies Pop Up Golf

At the Chrizy Golf course

I've had some good fortune when competing in Minigolf tournaments in Manchester and have won the Miniature MastersMiniature Open and Chrizy Golf Masters there!

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Richard Gottfried said...

Chrizy Golf in Manchester closes on Christmas Eve 2012, so if you fancy a game there you better get in quick! Details here.

Richard Gottfried said...

On my last visit to Manchester I was joined by fellow Minigolfer John 'Big Al' Moore and we contested a six round tournament over four courses.

The Minigolf battle was intense, but fun, and saw us play a total of 6-rounds/72-holes.

Heading into the final round at the Trafford Golf Centre's Championship Miniature Golf course there was just one shot in it! But it was to be victory for me as John had a couple of bad holes on the tricky layout to end on a total of 179 to my 173 for the 72-holes of strokeplay.

Chrizy Golf (9-holes)
- Tournament Round - Richard = 20 vs. John = 21
- 'Friendly' Round 1 - Richard = 22 vs. John = 22
- 'Friendly' Round 2 - Richard = 26 vs. John = 25
- Matchplay Round - Richard wins 1up at the second hole of a sudden-death play-off

Paradise Island Adventure Golf (36-holes - 2x18-holes)
- Tiki Hut Trail - Richard = 37 vs. John = 37
- Temple Ruins Adventure - Richard = 35 vs. John = 36

Championship Miniature Golf
- 'Friendly' Round - Richard = 33 vs. John = 38

Strokeplay Total (72-holes)
- Richard = 173
- John = 179

Big Al said...

Which of us won the free game though?

Richard Gottfried said...

I believe the winner of the FREE GAME on the 'Lucky Last Hole' at Paradise Island Adventure Golf was...

...John 'YI/Thighs/Big Al/Big Thighs' Moore.

When are you going to use it?

Richard Gottfried said...

From the 24th November to the 6th December 2015 there's going to be a pop-up Crazy Golf course at the Junk Yard Golf Club in the Great Northern Warehouse, 235 Deansgate, Manchester.

Each of the holes at the venue is constructed from salvaged materials, junky, car boot sale finds and charity shop discoveries.

Visit the Junk Yard Golf Club website for more information.

Richard Gottfried said...

There's a new jurassic adventure golf course heading to the Trafford Golf Centre in Greater Manchester.