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2011 Worlds Crazy Air Hockey Championships in Hastings

Results of the Worlds Crazy Air Hockey Championships 2011

In addition to the Worlds £2 Tat Challenge taking place at The Buttons on Saturday 29th October 2011, the venue also saw the Worlds Crazy Air Hockey Championships take place amongst a group of twelve Crazy Golfers, with a new champion guaranteed to be crowned following a no-show by 2010 Champ Kevin 'AWOL' Moseley!

In a thrilling final Wales' Peter 'The Puckmaster' Jones defeated England's Phil Exall 7-3 to take the title he's waited a whole year to get his hands on.

Photo: The 2011 Worlds Crazy Air Hockey Champion - Peter 'The Puckmaster' Jones

Full Results of the 2011 Worlds Crazy Air Hockey Championships

In round one results:
- Seth Thomas defeated Jam Trubridge 2-1
- Keith Kellard beat Chris Harding 4-3
- Pasi Aho (FIN) lost to Phil Exall 6-7
- Richard Gottfried and Alex Exall drew 4-4 - the match was decided by a best-of-three game of Rock Paper Scissors which Alex won 2-1
- Marc Chapman beat Scott Lancley 6-1
- Peter Jones, Denis Exall and Paul 'Johnson Paul Johnson' Johnson all received 'byes'

In round two results:
- Seth Thomas lost to Peter Jones 4-7 (with one minute to go)
- Keith Kellard bested Denis Exall 7-3
- Phil Exall beat Paul 'Johnson Paul Johnson' Johnson 7-5
- Alex Exall defeated Marc Chapman 6-3

In the first semi-final:
- Keith Kellard lost to Peter Jones 3-4

In the second semi-final:
- Alex Exall lost to Phil Exall 6-7

The final saw last year's defeated finalist Peter Jones facing-off against Phil Exall to decide the ultimate champion at the event, with Peter Jones coming out the winner with a 7-3 victory, with a minute still remaining on the clock!

Photo: Phil Exall versus Peter Jones in the final

You can watch the closing stages of the match here:

Photos from the event:

Photo: Father versus son as Phil Exall battles Alex Exall as the crowd looks on

Photo: Alex Exall versus Richard Gottfried in a rematch from 2010. Alex would once again get the better of Richard

Photo: Phil Exall squares off against International campaigner Pasi Aho of Finland, by way of Germany

Photo: Marc Chapman takes on rival and Undisputed International Worlds Crazy Air Squash Champion Scott Lancley

Photo: Seth Thomas plays Peter Jones

Photo: Seth Thomas continues to play Peter Jones

Photo: Paul 'Johnson Paul Johnson' Johnson and Phil Exall have a meeting of the paddles at the half-way line

Photo: Denis Exall faces-off against Keith 'Puck Boy' Kellard

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