Monday, April 05, 2010

Crazy Golf in Brighton

Playing the Crazy Golf course East of Palace Pier in Brighton.

Crazy Golf course in Brighton
Course Visit #12 on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour was to Brighton's very well positioned 18-hole Crazy Golf course east of the Palace Pier.

I first visited the course in March 2007 and then re-visited while we were in town for the Brighton Open minigolf tournament in July 2007 (which was played at the better 12-hole Peter Pan Adventure Gole course on Madeira Drive - course visit #13).

Crazy Golf course in Brighton
Crazy Golf course in Brighton
I have also heard there are two other Crazy Golf courses in Brighton that I am yet to visit (one at the Marina, the other outside King Alfred's Leisure Centre).

There also used to be a Crazy Golf game on the pier too - it's long gone now!

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Unknown said...

I visited Brighton for my son's fourth birthday yesterday and played this bumpy & uneven course for first time - shot 40 but should have been more like 36 if lane surface had been consistent. A fun course but in need of some TLC - however, for £3 a round can't complain and it gave me some practice between events.

Richard Gottfried said...

Great stuff. I haven't played the painted concrete course there for ages. I remember the balls were 'proper' golf balls - so very pingy!

Glad you had fun.