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Monday, October 12, 2020

Rascal Bay Adventure Golf opening in Chelmsford, Essex

New Adventure Golf course heading to Chelmsford.

West Park Golf Centre in Chelmsford, Essex will be home to a new Adventure Golf course

West Park Golf Centre in Chelmsford, Essex will soon be home to a new adventure golf course.

The centre will be creating an 18-hole adventure golf course planned to open in January next year.

The course will be called Rascal Bay Adventure Golf and it'll be the third in the brand following the Brentwood, Essex and Manston, Kent locations.

Check out the West Park Golf Centre Facebook Page for more information.

Visiting West Park Golf Centre

We visited West Park Golf Centre on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour way back in December 2009. The old Crazy Golf course there was the 157th course played on our travels. We've now been to 956 courses since 2006.


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Tuesday, March 05, 2019

BCK YRD GOLF indoor Crazy Golf opening in Chelmsford

A new indoor Crazy Golf venue is opening in Chelmsford, Essex.

The BCK YRD GOLF indoor Crazy Golf course is opening in Chelmsford this May

Two new indoor Crazy Golf courses are currently being built at BCK YRD GOLF in Chelmsford city centre and will be open to play in May this year.

Check out the BCK YRD GOLF websiteFacebook and Twitter for more information.

We haven't been to Chelmsford for a while, but we did play Crazy Golf in West Park on our visit in 2009.

We're looking forward to playing at BCK YRD GOLF when we're next in the area.

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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Gluten free mixes from Spice Queen

On a trip to Ipswich we stopped off in Chelmsford and enjoyed a walkround the town centre and market. we've always got our eyes peeled for gluten free things and so were pleased to see the Spice Queen stall selling a range of mixes that were gluten free.

The chap on the stall was very knowledgeable about gluten free needs and offered some samples which Emily tried and liked. We bought the Chicken Tikka, Chicken Curry and Any Bean Curry mixes.

The pots of flavour come with a recipe sheet and Emily made some great dishes with the mixes. Some photos of the prep and results of the delicious Chicken Tikka and Chicken Curry are below.

Gluten free mixes from Spice Queen
Ingredients and recipe sheet for the Chicken Tikka

Gluten free mixes from Spice Queen
Getting messy marinating the chicken

Gluten free mixes from Spice Queen
Sealing in the flavour

Gluten free mixes from Spice Queen
We like to cook chicken using the 'beer' can method. As I'm gluten free we opt for cider cans instead

Gluten free mixes from Spice Queen
The curry mix ingredients

Gluten free mixes from Spice Queen
A fine gluten free curry. A nice treat. Especially with an obligatory gluten free beer

You can find the Spice Queen team at farmer's markets across Essex. For more information visit the Spice Queen website.

- Spice Queen website
- Spice Queen on Twitter
- Spice Queen on Facebook

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mini Golf on a Roof Terrace at The Portobello Gold Hotel & Crazy Golf at Alexandra Palace

Ahead of our trip to London last Saturday for the UK Rock Paper Scissors Championships I had a quick look online to see if London is home to any new Minigolf courses since my last visit and online search. I found out it is!

In fact I spotted two new Miniature Golf courses in London.

According to the eventful website the Portobello Gold Hotel has a Mini Golf course on its roof and calls it an 'eccentric touch'.

The exterior of the Portobello Gold. unfortunately you cannot see the Mini Golf from the street

We headed along to the Portobello Gold pub and hotel and asked about the Mini Golf at the bar, only to be told that the course is on one of the hotel room balconies, so unfortunately we couldn't have a play of it. We did however get warmed-up with a few lunchtime drinks ahead of the evening's big sporting event at the RPS Championships!

The other course I found on my web search is at Alexandra Palace and is an 18-hole Crazy Golf course. We didn't have time to get along to have a game there, but have added it to our 'to visit' list.

Alexandra Palace is also home to what I have heard is a very good Pitch & Putt course, and a Putting Green. both of which are run by Golfwise, a company which runs a number of Pitch & Putt courses around the country. We've visited their site in Chelmsford, in 2009, and we had time to play a few of the holes on the course, which was in great condition and very testing. Back in 2010 we also visited the site in Upminster which is still currently closed. On our roadtrip to Lincolnshire earlier this year we ran out of time and didn't manage to play their other Pitch & Putt course on South Parade in Skegness.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Minigolf Course Visit No. 157 (played) - West Park, Chelmsford, Essex

On the 14th December 2009 we made a trip to Chelmsford in Essex to look for a Crazy Golf course.

We found one at the West Park Pitch and Putt Course.

Crazy Golf at West Park in Chelmsford, Essex

The 9-hole Crazy Golf course is not great, but is still good fun, and the course owner told me that they are looking at building a new one in the future.

A hole-in-one.

In the Irregular Mini Golf Tour Chelmsford Open event versus Emily, I won 21(+3) to 23(+5).

West Park is also home to an 18-hole Pitch & Putt Course that was in superb condition and played really well.

I had a quick play of holes 1, 2, 3, 9 & 18 and almost Aced both the 9th and 18th.

Miniature Golf at West Park in Chelmsford, Essex

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