Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Minigolf in Bournemouth, Boscombe, Southbourne, Poole and Sandbanks

A look at the miniature golf courses in the Bournemouth, Boscombe, Southbourne, Poole and Sandbanks area of Dorset.

We're gearing up for a minigolfing road-trip to the Bournemouth area in the spring and are looking forward to visiting and playing the courses down there.

We've visited the area a number of times over the years but our last trip there was in 2013. Since then a number of new courses have opened up, while some of the others have been refurbished.

If you know of any other minigolf courses in the Bournemouth, Boscombe, Southbourne, Poole or Sandbanks area do let us know.


Boscombe Chine Gardens is home to the Squirrel Café and mini golf. We played competitions on the course in 2009 and 2013.

Boscombe Chine Gardens Mini Golf course in 2009

Boscombe Pier was home to an eco-friendly Crazy Golf course for a while, we're not sure if it's still there though. The balls in use were made of fish food and the last hole had a drop into the sea!


Mighty Adventures Crazy Golf at Playgolf Bournemouth is a relatively new 18-hole adventure golf course.

The Oasis Fun Centre in Bournemouth is home to an indoor jungle-themed adventure golf course.

Bournemouth Gardens Classic Mini Golf in the Lower Gardens has been in the gardens for decades. It re-opened following a refurbishment a few seasons ago. We visited in 2009 and 2013. The Lower Gardens have been home to miniature golf courses since 1931 when the first Putting Green was introduced.

Mini Golf in the Lower Gardens, Bournemouth
Mini Golf in the Lower Gardens, Bournemouth in 2013

Smuggler's Cove Adventure Golf on Pier Approach in Bournemouth opened last year and is an 18-hole layout.

Mr Mulligan's Space Golf in Bournemouth is home to three 9-hole indoor adventure golf courses.

There used to be a derelict Crazy Golf near the Lower Gardens on Exeter Road in Bournemouth. It'll be interesting to see if it's still there and what state it's in now.

Derelict Crazy Golf course on Exeter Road in Bournemouth
We checked out the course in 2009 and 2013

There's a Crazy Golf course at Tuckton Tea Gardens, Bournemouth. It looks like a fun layout.

Solent Meads Golf Centre in Bournemouth is home to a par-3 course as well as a Putting Green.


There's a Crazy Golf courses in Christchurch. We've known about it for a while but it's always been slightly off our route.


Harbour Pirates Glow Golf in Poole is a pirate-themed indoor UV minigolf course.

Poole Park Crazy Golf is a 12-hole outdoor course. We've also played a Putting Course next to the Crazy Golf. The park is also home to a miniature railway.

Poole Park Crazy Golf
Poole Park Crazy Golf in 2010


Sandbanks Crazy Golf is an interesting 18-hole layout. We've played tournaments on the course in the past.

Sandbanks Crazy Golf
There are some big obstacles on the Sandbanks Crazy Golf course


Cafe Riva in Southbourne is home to a Crazy Golf course. We played the course in 2009 and revisited in 2013. On our return we saw the venue is also home to a Putting course and a Pitch & Putt layout.

Crazy Golf course at Cafe Riva in Southbourne
The Crazy Golf course at Cafe Riva in Southbourne back in 2013

Holiday parks

Two holiday parks in the area are home to courses:
Sandford Holiday Park in Sandford, Poole has a minigolf course.
Merley Court Touring Park in Merley, Wimborne, near Poole has a 9-hole minigolf course.

It should be a marvellous trip to the seaside.

What are the odds we find a few other hidden putting greens or pop-up crazy golf courses while we're down there?