Monday, June 15, 2009

Minigolf Course Visit No. 109 - Southbourne / Fisherman's Walk

On Sunday 14th June 2009 we played quite possibly one of the worst Crazy Golf courses in the country - Southbourne / Fisherman's Walk, near Boscombe. The setting was good and the ideas were OK but the course played worse than many derelicts I have played.

The course also charged the strangest price for a round of Crazy Golf - £2.05 a round!?


Richard Gottfried said...

Had some new photos of this course land in my Inbox courtesy of The Travelling Minigolfing Johnsons - on my next visit it will need a new post - visit 109a - what with the changes!

I wonder if the random prices are still the same?

Richard Gottfried said...

Here are some photos of the refurbed Crazy Golf course in July 2013.

Cafe Riva is also now home to a Putting course and a Pitch & Putt.