Monday, July 01, 2019

Summer Mini Golf Checklist 2019

The Summer Mini Golf Checklist 2019.

Download and complete the Summer Mini Golf Checklist.

We're BIG fans of minigolf and the summer, so we've created a Summer Mini Golf Checklist containing 18 minigolf 'things to do', plus a 19th hole activity.

Summer Mini Golf Checklist 2019

Summer in the Northern Hemisphere began on the 21st June and ends on the 23rd September. Fingers crossed we get some more nice weather into October too.

We hope you enjoy ticking off the activities on the Summer Mini Golf Checklist wherever you are in the world.

The first three people to complete the Summer Mini Golf Checklist 2019 will win a free game with us, either at their local course (if we're in the area), or at one of our local courses (if they're in the area).

Do post on social media about how you're progressing using the hashtags #summerminigolf19 and #minigolf.

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