Tuesday, May 01, 2018

The Minigolfer's Guide to Marketing

Marking a year since the publication of my marketing ebook.

A year ago today I published The Minigolfer's Guide to Marketing, my ebook guide to promoting the great sport of miniature golf.

Richard Gottfried at the World Crazy Golf Championships in Hastings
Find out how to wow the crowd in the crazy world of miniature golf

It's amazing how quickly the last year has flown by and I've been really pleased to see the book bought and used by a number of players, courses, bloggers, associations and federations around the world.

The marketing and communications guide was designed for anyone interested or involved in minigolf. It's certainly a niche title, but an audience and subject I know a lot about. 

Writing the book was brilliant and enabled me to bring two areas of my life together. I've worked in marketing since 2003 and have played minigolf since I was a child. Stepping up to compete on the national tour circuit and in international tournaments opened my eyes to the potential of the game. I’ve also had the honour of serving on the committees of the British Minigolf Association and World Minigolf Sport Federation.

Minigolf is a sport for all. People of all ages, sexes, backgrounds and abilities can pick up a putter and play the game.

There are a huge amount of stories to tell and positive aspects to highlight to potential players, the media, sponsors and the wider sporting community. The Minigolfer's Guide to Marketing should give federations, associations, clubs and fellow players ideas, inspiration and support in their marketing efforts.

A lot of the guidance could also be applied to a number of other sports clubs and organisations to help raise their profile and boost memberships.


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