Sunday, March 04, 2018

Smugglers Bay Adventure Golf at Stonham Barns in Suffolk

We've heard that Stonham Barns in Suffolk is opening a new Adventure Golf course!

We've played the Mini-Putting course there a few times over the years, as Stonham Barns is close by when we're visiting family in Ipswich.

That course was the 33rd of the 806 we've visited so far on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour. The last time we were there was in 2013.

Mini-Putting Crazy Golf course at Stonham Barns
Hole 3 of the Mini-Putting Crazy Golf course at Stonham Barns

It's interesting to hear about the new Smugglers Bay Adventure Golf course. We look forward to swinging by on a future visit to East Anglia.

The Adventure Golf course will be one of eight elements making up the UK's first Golf Adventure Park located at Stonham Barns.

Looking on the Stonham Barns Golf Centre website I also noticed they have a thing called 'Street Golf'. I'm interested in seeing that too.

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