Sunday, June 04, 2017

The Cheshire Line Tavern

A visit to the Cheshire Line Tavern in Cheadle.

As a bit of a train nerd it was marvellous to find out that a nearby disused railway station on our doorstep is now a pub!

The Cheshire Line Tavern in Cheadle
The Cheshire Line Tavern in Cheadle

The station opened as Cheadle North in 1866 and at one time was a double track line and saw more than 200 trains pass through a day!

The Cheshire Line Tavern in Cheadle
The single track line and former station last November

The station closed to passengers in 1964.

The line itself is still in use for freight, and the occasional luxury charter. Unfortunately we didn't see any pass by while we were in the pub. However, I've seen a handful of trains on the Mid Cheshire Line since we moved to the area last summer.

The Cheshire Line Tavern in Cheadle
We didn't see any trains pass by our window seat on our visit last November

Visit the Cheshire Line Tavern's website for more info.

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