Thursday, June 22, 2017

A view of Wardown Park in Luton

A look at an old Crazy Golf location in Luton.

My mate and Lutonian Martin Morrin recently sent me a snap from Luton's Wardown Park showing the site of the old miniature golf courses. There used to be a grass Putting course and a Crazy Golf layout in the park.

Wardown Park in Luton. Photo by Martin Morrin, June 2017
The shed has been replaced with a different wooden structure. The bench is looking a little wonky these days

In 2015 the two courses were removed to make way for a year-long project to monitor how local Luton residents and insects reacted to a variety of new meadows.

Over the years we played the minigolf courses in the park a fair bit. The Crazy Golf course that used to be in Wardown Park was the 18th played on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour way back on the 5th May 2007. The Grass Putting Miniature Golf layout became the 19th played on the 19th May. Until the meadows were planted minigolf had been played in the park since the 19th June 1934.

Wardown Park Crazy Golf course in Luton
A remnant of hole one of the old Wardown Park Crazy Golf course

It's a shame to see the area isn't being used for anything anymore.

You can see what the courses used to look like in our Crazy Golf in Wardown Park blog post.