Monday, June 12, 2017

Mini Golf Set from Lidl

Picking up a new miniature golf game for my collection.

When I popped to Lidl to buy some Feta cheese to go with our tea yesterday I didn't expect to return with a Mini Golf Set. But I did.

99p for the Feta cheese. £9.99 for the Mini Golf Set

What you get in the box - two putters, two balls, two holes, four obstacles, scorecards and an instruction book. It's a well made set and the obstacles work when you putt throughover them

There are twenty scorecards in the pad - with details in German, English and French

A closer look at the obstacles - gate, seesaw, climb and wavy track

- Lidl
- Crazy Golf Museum 


Welkom! said...

We just bought this set as well. But it's not quite clear to me how to play the game. What rules to respect and how to build the trail?
I hope you can share your experiences here? Thanks a lot!

Gameplayer, Holland

Richard Gottfried said...

You can currently get a Foam Golf Set in the middle aisle of Lidl for £14.99.