Sunday, July 17, 2016

Adventure Island Golf in Mundesley, Norfolk

Back in May 2014 Charter Member of the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour Christopher Gottfried let us know about the Adventure Golf course in Mundesley, Norfolk.

Adventure Island Golf in Mundesley

Last week we finally got to visit and play the course.

Playing another brilliant course on our travels

The layout became the 406th played and 692nd visited overall on our tour.

It's a lovely setting for a game

Adventure Island Golf is a great 12-hole course, with plenty of tricky obstacles and some very nice theming. And for a 12-hole course there were certainly a lot of themes going on! With Pirates, Cannibals, Dinosaurs, Jungles and more.

Beyond the Dolmen...

...sat a miniature frog (or toad)

The 11th and 12th were tricky indeed
The island that gave the Adventure Golf course its name

A crocodile (or alligator) lurking

Some Easter Island heads

An alligator (or crocodile) lurks in the tar pit

Stuck in the ditch

Goading an obstacle

A lovely bit of derelict theming
I got to meet tiger too

It reminded us of the courses at Hemsby and Felixstowe - two of our favourites - and even though reading the greens at Mundesley could be tough, it was good fun.

Emily playing another great tee shot

In our match-up Emily won with a 34 to my 37 - getting off to a flying start with a great hole-in-one on the first.

Putting past some dino eggs

A round of minigolf at the course costs £3.50 for adults and it's worth a play.

On the last hole

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