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Mr Mulligan's Lost World Adventure Golf in Stevenage

A visit to Mr Mulligan's latest Adventure Golf course.

You can't miss the entrance to the Lost World Golf!

Last year we heard about a new minigolf venue opening in Stevenage and Mr Mulligan's latest course - Lost World Golf - opened at Stevenage Leisure Park earlier this year.

Mr Mulligan's Lost World Golf gets the thumbs up from the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour

We've been itching to get along for a game and earlier this week we had a round on the two nautical themed courses. We loved it.

Our crew of adventure golfers in Stevenage

The courses became the 685th and 686th visited on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour, and were the 403rd and 404th played.

A view of the Jungle course

The 16th hole in the Jungle

Our group hit the Jungle Explorers course for round one and followed this with a game on the Ocean Adventurers layout.

Emily on the 15th about to putt to the ground floor green

If you press this button...

There is some excellent theming throughout the indoor Adventure Golf venue - not least the giant wooden submarine that sits in the middle of the two courses!

Local competitor Simon Hinton and the wooden submarine

What an obstacle/hole/feature!

The inside of the submarine contains a very very tough hole to play!

There's a real mix of obstacles and hole types and there's even a section of holes where you are plunged into blacklight - one of my favourite types of minigolf environments to play in.

The blacklight area on the Ocean Adventurers course

A glow in the dark octopus

Meeting Mr Mulligan

Emily putting under the sea

As we're super competitive players we made sure we kept score and the results of our contest are below - it was very close indeed!

Round 1 - Jungle Explorers Championship
1st - Simon 'Local Athlete' Hinton - 45
2nd (tied) - Cat 'Helter Skelter' Patterson - 46
2nd (tied) - 'Squire' Richard Gottfried - 46
4th - Emily 'Lemony' Gottfried - 51
5th - Simon 'Practice' Hall - 52
6th - 'First Game' Salimeh - 71

Round 2 - Ocean Adventurers Championship
1st - 'Squire' Richard Gottfried - 47
2nd - Emily 'Lemony' Gottfried - 51
3rd - Simon 'Local Athlete' Hinton - 52
4th - Cat 'Helter Skelter' Patterson - 56

The champ

Overall - Stevenage Invitational Tournament
1st - 'Squire' Richard Gottfried - 46 + 47 = 93
2nd - Simon 'Local Athlete' Hinton - 45 + 52 = 97
3rd (tied) - Cat 'Helter Skelter' Patterson - 46 + 56 = 102
3rd (tied) - Emily 'Lemony' Gottfried - 51 + 51 = 102
5th - Simon 'Practice' Hall - 52 + DNF
6th - 'First Game' Salimeh - 71 + DNF

Always nice to see a shark on a minigolf course. And a large mouthed sea monster

Aces Championship
1st (tied) - Cat Patterson - hole 4 (Jungle) and hole 9 (Ocean)
1st (tied) - Simon Hinton - hole 13 and 18 (Jungle)
3rd - Emily Gottfried - hole 7 (Jungle)

Another fine minigolf scorecard added to The Crazy Golf Museum archives

It was also nice to have a break between rounds with a drink at the bar. We also had a celebratory/consolation drink at the end of our second round.

Visit Mr Mulligan's website for opening times and prices, as well as details of his courses in Milton Keynes, Sidcup, Castleford, Nottingham and Woking. We've yet to visit the Nottingham course at Ramsdale Park Golf Centre.

You can read about Mr Mulligan's exploits at the course

Adventure Golf Limited website
Mr Mulligan's Adventure Golf website
Stevenage Leisure Park website

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