Sunday, November 25, 2012

Doggone Minigolf!

Animal Crackers on the UK Minigolf Circuit.

2012 has been a cracking year for minigolf, but this year has seen three curious incidences of Dogs making appearances at a British Minigolf Association Tour event!

At today's BMGA British Club Championship held at the 9-hole Mini Golf course Basingstoke Golf Centre in sunny Basingstoke a small scamp of a dog interrupted proceedings by making its way onto the course, have a sniff of a few players, roll in some bushes, sit on my foot, pose for a photo and run off into the trees next to the nearby Putting Green.

The small dog gets to know Emily Gottfried from the Cambridgeshire Mini Golf Club as the rest of her team look quite bemused
The Basingstoke intruder makes its getaway

At last month's tenth annual Castle Golf World Crazy Golf Championship the BMGA Tour welcomed it’s newest, and some might say biggest, fan in a dog that went crazy for the Minigolf action on holes 16, 17 and 18 of the Arnold Palmer Crazy Golf course on Hastings Seafront! Many a veteran player was enchanted by its behaviour and confusion as it marvelled at the multitude of multi-coloured Golf Balls dropping off a small ledge and disappearing down a hole.

One dog with no man at the World Crazy Golf Championships in Hastings

The first dog encounter of the season was at the BMGA British Masters held at the 18-hole Splash Point Mini Golf course in Worthing's Denton Gardens back in April. The park area is popular amongst dog walkers and their pets and during the action (handily filmed by the team at the coincidentally named 2dogimaging) one 'lovable' canine called "Bonnie", perhaps looking for its own 'Fenton' moment, made itself known to the players in the tournament and the wider world by running all over the course!

There was also a cat on the course at the BMGA British Club Championships at Basingstoke. However, no photos of this feline were snapped as players were too busy shooing it off of the course.


Richard Gottfried said...

Thinking about it, last year while playing the Crazy Golf course at West Sands Holiday Park a real-life chicken appeared on the course.

And in 2009 at the Arnold Palmer Minigolf Putting course in Prestatyn a cat had a nap on one of the holes just as I was about to play it.

Lemony said...

Those dogs do love a bit of Mini Golf!