Saturday, November 17, 2012

Chrizy Golf in Manchester - for six weeks only!

A new Miniature Golf course has been set-up in Manchester for Christmas!
A recent blog post by the team at alerted me to the fact there is a new Minigolf course (with a bar) in Manchester – Chrizy Golf!
The 9-hole Crazy Golf course and bar, run by Fluid bars, is located at Piccadilly Place in Manchester and is open from 12pm-11pm Monday to Saturday. From details I’ve seen the course takes advance bookings only, so check out the Chrizy Golf Facebook page for info.
But you’ll need to be quick if you want to play the course as its only open for a six-week run from the 12th of November until Christmas Eve!
'Chrizy Golf' is another new synonym for the game of 'Minigolf' - check out my blog post on "Types and Variants of Miniature Golf visited and played on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour", the Putter King post on "The Many Names of Miniature Golf" and the extensive list of "Miniature Golf Synonyms" compiled by Tim 'Ace Man' Davies at
The Chrizy Golf course will also be hosting a tournament – THE CHRIZY GOLF MASTERS! Keep an eye out on the Chrizy Golf Facebook page for more info.
Fingers crossed we’ll be able to make a trip to Manchester again this December. Emily and I had a nice day out there last year for the Birdies Pop Up Golf launch event and had a nice wander around the city’s Christmas Market.
The team at Chrizy Golf have been encouraging players to wear Christmassy and/or Golfy attire when they visit. I'll definitely be digging out my Christmas hat for a visit. It reminds me, I’ll need to buy a cheesy new Christmas Jumper ready for any Crimbo ‘do’s’ I go to this year!

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