Friday, October 19, 2012

Lyle & Scott’s “Woolly Golf” Mini-Golf course in London’s Covent Garden

Playing the Lyle & Scott Woolly Mini-Golf course as part of Wool Week.
On Thursday 18th October I headed along to Covent Garden in London to play an intriguing Mini-Golf course that had been set-up by the golf and knitwear brand Lyle & Scott as part of Wool Week.
Me and a Lyle & Scott branded sheep on hole one of the Woolly Golf course in Covent Garden

I’d heard that the course was going to be in Covent Garden via a Tweet from the team at UrbanCrazy. The link led to the Covent Garden website with details of the Lyle & Scott Mini-Golf event running from the 18th to the 21st October 2012 for Wool Week. The 3-hole Mini-Golf course was located near to the Lyle & Scott store on King Street in Covent Garden and in a fenced-off ‘sheep pen’ area. The putting surface of the course was made from 100% wool and was one of the smoothest artificial Putting surfaces I’ve ever played on. It really worked well as a base for a Minigolf course and looked great! 
Hole one of the Lyle & Scott Woolly Golf course in Covent Garden

The events team on the course were really nice and friendly and chatted about The Campaign for Wool and some of the other events going on during Wool Week (which include a giant knitting needle outside Harvey Nichols and a Knitting challenge - ‘The Clickety Click on the Clickety Clack’ - onboard a train travelling from London to Edinburgh!). To gain access to the course, that was free to play, you had to head into the Lyle & Scott store to pick up a scorecard, pencil and Lyle & Scott branded Golf Ball. You could then head to the course to pick up a Putter and then hit the course to play a round. 
Hole two of the Lyle & Scott Woolly Golf course in Covent Garden

The Woolly Golf was proving popular and had a nice flow of players giving it a go, with a few people playing and re-playing the holes determined to score some holes-in-one. I managed a score of 5 with a two on the first, an ace on the second (the toughest hole on the course so I'm told) and a two on the third.
Hole three of the Lyle & Scott Woolly Golf course in Covent Garden

Once I had played the course I handed in my scorecard for a chance to win £500 of Lyle & Scott goodies and I also received a 15% discount card for use in the store and online. Fingers crossed I win the contest as I've got my eye on a jumper and a pair of gloves in the shop! Another very nice touch from the promotion is that you get to keep the Lyle & Scott branded golf ball after playing!
The Lyle & Scott Woolly Golf window display for Wool Week

Having played the course I then headed off to the 19th hole (The Cider Tap on Euston Road) for my birthday 'do'. It was a nice coincidence that I was in London on the day the Lyle & Scott Woolly Mini-Golf launched.
The course is well worth a visit and as it’s only there until Sunday I suggest you get along to give it a go. If you can’t make it to play the physical course you can enter the competition online by playing the 5-hole virtual course (the online game is designed by Damp Gnat - the team behind Wonderputt & Advertputt and is a great Minigolf/Crazy Golf game).
- Lyle & Scott Blog "Woolly Golf at Covent Garden"
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Check out my blog post about the Lyle & Scott Hole-in-One challenge hole at their Carnaby Street store in London - "Lyle & Scott's Hole-in-One Challenge"