Monday, October 29, 2012

Watch the Nutters with Putter Pro Crazy Golf Team on Eggheads!

The Nutters with Putters team take on TV Quiz Giants the Eggheads on BBC Two and the iPlayer!

The 'legendary' episode of the great TV Quiz show Eggheads was shown on BBC Two this evening!

At the time of its repeat airing I happened to be buying a Calzone for my tea. What are the chances eh.

From today and for the next seven days you can watch the episode of Eggheads that featured the Nutters with Putters team of Crazy Golfers from the British Minigolf Association! Check out the show on the BBC iPlayer here.

I led the team through the application and audition process and got us onto the show that was filmed in late 2008 and first aired in July 2009! We were on Series 10, Episode 49.


Front Row: The Nutters with Putters from l-r Kevin Botto, Richard Gottfried (Captain), Tim Davies, Andy Booth, Sean Homer and Chris Harding.
Back Row: The Eggheads from l-r CJ, Daphne, Barry, Kevin and Chris.

- Eggheads, BBC Two - iPlayer
- BMGA Players take on the Eggheads, again!

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