Thursday, August 30, 2012

Minigolf Report – Richard Gottfried wins the Crazy Golf with Bompas & Parr Championship Final

Second Crazy Golf competition victory for Gottfried on the rooftop of Selfridges in London.

On Wednesday 29th August Luton Minigolfer Richard Gottfried won the ‘Crazy Golf with Bompas & Parr Championship Final’ on the 9-hole rooftop Crazy Golf course at Selfridges Department Store in London.

Richard Gottfried with the BIG Minigolf trophy he received for winning the Crazy Golf with Bompas & Parr Championship Final

Having previously won the Crazy Golf with Bompas & Parr June Championship play-off title he was invited to compete in the final against the other monthly winner, the course record holder and wildcard players.

The grand final consisted of a two-round, 18-hole contest with nine other competitors on the Par-19 course. Scoring rounds of 14 and 17 for a total of 31(-7) Richard was eight shots ahead of the runner-up Mark Harris.

Richard Gottfried playing hole 7 of the Bompas & Parr Crazy Golf course at Selfridges London

Richard said “It’s absolutely brilliant to win the Crazy Golf with Bompas & Parr Championship Final and the massive minigolf trophy to go with my June play-off victory. The British summer wasn’t too kind to us on the day and the rainy weather before we teed-off made it feel more like an autumnal competition, but that didn’t dampen the mood and it was a fun contest. Well done to Bompas & Parr for creating a great Crazy Golf course that has been a lot of fun to play over the summer.”

Emily Gottfried competed in the championship as a wildcard entrant, scoring rounds of 21 and 19 to tie for third-place with Mitcham’s Alan Norman after both players scored a total of 40(+2).

Emily Gottfried, Richard Gottfried and Alan 'Stormin' Norman at Bompas & Parr's Crazy Golf course

Back in the 1930’s Selfridges’ roof was home to one of the UK’s first Minigolf courses and the Bompas & Parr Crazy Golf course opened at the end of May for The Big Rooftop Tea & Golf Party. The course has been installed on the roof of Selfridges as part of the Big British Bang celebration taking place during the summer of 2012.



Lemony said...

Well Done Squire... :)

We need to get a new Trophy Cabinet :) Such a shame that the Selfridges course will soon be no more :(

Richard Gottfried said...

Thank you Lemony!

I hope it's not another 80-odd years until the roof of Selfridges is home to another Crazy Golf course! I wonder what number visit the course in 2092 will be on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour??? I suppose I'll have to give it a play. We'll be able to fly to the roof in our flying car by then, that is if 110-year-olds are allowed a licence!

Richard Gottfried said...

Check out the latest Crazy Golf blog post by the team at Putter Fingers for a mention of the Selfridges Crazy Golf course and a bit of Minigolf history:
"Mini Golf invented for women?"