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Minigolf Report - The Brewmaster’s Open Mini Golf Tournament at the Camden Town Brewery

10th August 2012
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Minigolf Report from The Brewmaster’s Open in Camden

On Saturday 4th August Minigolfers Richard and Emily Gottfried were joined by fellow Lutonian Simon Hall in competing in The Brewmaster’s Open Minigolf Competition at the Camden Town Brewery in London.

Mini Golf at the Camden Town Brewery in London
The 'Pro' and 'Semi-Pro' Minigolfers at the entrance to The Brewmaster’s Open Mini Golf course. from l-r 'Squire' Richard Gottfried, Christopher 'Beya' Gottfried, Alan 'Stormin' Norman (seated on barrell), Emily 'Lemony' Gottfried, Seth 'Clockwork Orange' Thomas, Simon 'Practice' Hall

The Brewmaster’s Open tournament was played on an UrbanCrazy Miniature Golf course that had been built inside the Camden Town Brewery. Players had to putt around Beer Keg obstacles placed over the 5-hole layout.

Over 200 players competed during the event, with the best score of the day being a round of 8(-2) by London’s Alan Norman to take the first prize of “A lot of Camden Town Brewery’s Beer!” Richard Gottfried finished in tied second place with London’s Seth Thomas after both players had scored a round of 9(-1).

Mini Golf at the Camden Town Brewery in London
Richard Gottfried lines-up a Putt on hole 1 at The Brewmaster's Open - he would 'Ace' the hole in each round

As well as the overall leaderboard competition six British Minigolf Association (BMGA) Tour Pro players competed in a three-round contest. Alan Norman stormed to victory with a total of 28(-2), with Seth Thomas runner-up with 30(par). Richard Gottfried took third place with a total of 31(+1) following rounds of 10, 9 and 12.

Mini Golf at the Camden Town Brewery in London
The top-3 'Pro' players at The Brewmaster's Open - from l-r 'Squire' Richard Gottfried (3rd), Alan 'Stormin' Norman (1st), Seth 'Clockwork Orange' Thomas (2nd)

Richard Gottfried said “The Brewmaster’s Open was one of the strangest Minigolf events I’ve played in. The course was really nice to play and the hospitality of the organisers at the Camden Town Brewery was top notch. My third round was a bit shaky which put paid to my chances of winning, but I had a great time at the competition.”

Mini Golf at the Camden Town Brewery in London
The 'Pro' & 'Semi-Pro' Minigolfers during a rest break at the Camden Town Brewery Brewmaster's Open tournament

Simon Hall was making his Minigolf competition debut and finished in tied third place on the overall leaderboard with his best round of 10(par). In the ‘Pro’ contest he was tied for fifth with Emily Gottfried. Southsea’s Christopher Gottfried was fourth with a score of 35(+5).

Mini Golf at the Camden Town Brewery in London
Christopher Gottfried plays hole 5 at The Brewmaster’s Open

Simon Hall said “What a crazy introduction to a Minigolf competition! Who knew you could organise a Minigolf Competition in a Brewery.”



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