Monday, March 01, 2010

Minigolf Courses Played #161 & 162 (#207 & 208 overall) - Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf, Bristol

Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf at Cabot Circus in Bristol
On Saturday 27th February we headed to Bristol for the BMGA English Open minigolf competition at the new 36-hole two-course, indoor Adventure Golf centre at Cabot Circus.

The Jungle Rumble centre is home to two courses - the 'Jungle' and the 'Secret Swamp' - these were the 161st and 162nd courses played (and course visits 207 and 208 overall) on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour.

Video of a hole-in-one on the 'Secret Swamp' course.

The courses are good fun to play, and while there are a lot of aces to be had, some of the holes can be very tough - as I found in the English Open itself!

The course also keeps a record of Celebrities who play at the course.

Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf at Cabot Circus in Bristol
I am happy to report that I beat Carol Vorderman's score of 57 ha ha.

Check out the Jungle Rumble website for more details about the Jungle Rumble course.


Sheesh Kabeesh said...

Did you beat Jack White though? Surely you can beat the poor man's Son House at crazy golf!

Richard Gottfried said...

I did beat Jack White's score (by two shots, twice!).

I did not better the score of Mark 'Ronnie' Regan MBE though :(

It's a tough and harsh course in places.



Richard Gottfried said...

There is also a Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf at the Liverpool ONE Shopping Centre in Liverpool. This centre also has two 18-hole courses and they were the 212th and 213th played on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour back in March 2011 ahead of the British Minigolf Association's BMGA National Open tournament.

Richard Gottfried said...

There's a new Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf course opening in Brighton in the summer of 2014. Check out my blog post about it at "New Adventure Golf course opening in Brighton".

Richard Gottfried said...

Check out this guest blog post for a look at Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf in Bristol (February 2020).