Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Minigolf in Manchester city centre

A look at miniature golf courses in Manchester.

Minigolf in Manchester city centre

There are a number of options for minigolfing in Greater Manchester, with a variety of courses to play, ranging from traditional crazy golf to indoor minigolf to new adventure golf layouts. The city centre itself has seen an increase in courses over the last few years and there are more to open in the coming months too!

Here's a look at the minigolf courses in Manchester city centre.

Junkyard Golf, First Street

Home to three 9-hole indoor crazy golf courses.

Junkyard Golf

Treetop Adventure Golf, The Printworks

A venue with two 18-hole indoor adventure golf courses.

Treetop Adventure Golf at The Printworks

Roxy Ball Room, Deansgate

Home to an 18-hole indoor mini golf course.

Roxy Ball Room on Deansgate

Roxy Ball Room, Withy Grove

Home to a crazy pool layout (a cross between pool and crazy golf - played with cues, golf balls and obstacles on tables).

Putters Mini-Golf at the Urban Playground, Arndale centre

A new indoor mini-golf course opening in 2021.

Crazier Golf at Boom: Battle Bar, The Printworks

A new indoor crazy golf course opening in the future.

Minigolfing in Manchester

We've been travelling to play minigolf in Manchester since 2009 when I won the Mini Masters and Mini Open at the Trafford Golf Centre. I also won the Chrizy Golf Masters at Piccadilly Place in 2012. We moved to Stockport in 2016 and have continued to compete in events. Emily won the Paradise Island Adventure Golf Open in 2019, while I won the tournament in 2018. I also won the DinoFalls Masters at the Trafford Golf Centre in 2018.

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