Saturday, April 30, 2016

Crazy Golf in Burray, Orkney

Brand new Crazy Golf course open in the Orkney Islands.

The UK's most northerly Crazy Golf course has opened on Burray, one of the Orkney islands. The course is the brainchild of the island community and has received some great coverage since it opened last weekend.

Crazy Golf in Burray, Orkney
A view of the most Northerly Crazy Golf course in the UK

Back in 2014 I was contacted by Dave and Pamela Woodcock from the island after they'd found my blog and it's been great to be able to give them help in getting the course built. From the photos they've sent over from the early days of building to the finished course it certainly looks unique, well constructed (one of the key factors with the 'inclement' weather conditions up there) and plays to the local heritage.

Crazy Golf in Burray, Orkney
Burray's Crazy Golf course

Each of the holes on the course was designed by local schoolchildren and Orkney-based architect Paul Green. There were over 100 designs submitted and the best of these made the cut to the final 12!

Crazy Golf in Burray, Orkney
It looks like a nice and unique miniature golf layout

Another nice touch is that each of the pupils at the Burray Primary School are being presented with a golf putter and ball to encourage them to use the new course.

Crazy Golf in Burray, Orkney
The Old Man of Hoy - hole 8 on the Burray Crazy Golf course

The island of Burray is home to around 400 people and the course is free to play (with a small hire charge if you need to borrow a putter and ball), with all ages welcome. There is talk of competitions and local matches amongst the islanders, as well as a challenge tournament versus the rest of the world!

Hole 8 - the Old Man of Hoy - under construction in August 2015

The scorecard at the course looks great too, with each hole themed and named after famous island landmarks.

Crazy Golf in Burray, Orkney
The UK's most Northerly Crazy Golf course has a very nice scorecard

The course is part of a community park development in Burray village and is open year round. The newly developed area has been funded by Orkney Islands Council, Sport Scotland Legacy 2014, Awards for All and Scottish Sea Farms, as well as additional fundraising and donations from the island community.

Crazy Golf in Burray, Orkney
How tricky does this hole look! We can't wait to see and play this finished version

We're looking forward to a game or two on the Burray course.

On our travels we've already played at the Easternmost courses in the British Isles (a Putting Green and Adventure Golf course in Lowestoft, Suffolk) and on the two highest courses - both on the Great Orme in Llandudno, Wales.

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Grumpy said...

Thanks for the nice write-up and for all your advice. The course is looking a bit better now that it has been finished off and the grass has started growing back. Unfortunately we could not use a felt surface as it would never last the winter so we had to stick to concrete. It has only been open a week but so far there have been people playing every day when the rain holds off and even some hardy souls played in the rain. Folk are coming from all over the Orkney mainland to play. I hope to see you here some day. A beautiful place to visit anyway.

Richard Gottfried said...

My pleasure.

Excellent to hear the course is getting good use and lots of visitors.

It'll be great to head up for a round (or three) one day. I love the video of the Ace on the Old Man of Hoy hole. Nice use of all the angles - proper Crazy Golf.

All the very best for the summer season and beyond!