Saturday, May 17, 2014

Little Oasis Crazy Golf in Cliftonville, Margate - an update

We revisited the Little Oasis Crazy Golf in Cliftonville, Margate on Friday 9th of May 2014 as we'd heard it'd recently closed down, after being temporarily used as a skate park.

It's in a really sorry state and its terrible to see it now, as it was a 36-hole classic Arnold Palmer Putting Complex.

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Unknown said...

Richard, this was a wonderfully kept two-course complex in Eighties with similar aspects to Hastings .... could have staged World Crazies, it was that good, so sad :((

Anonymous said...

I used to run the Arnold Palmer putting course during the late 70's early 80's, in it's heyday so to speak. We were very busy with a great hotel and guest-house custom. We would be open all day right up until 11.00 pm some days in Summer.
It became less and less used from late 80's early 90's by which time I was out of it. The current lessee was on a loss and ended their lease in 2013. The Council left looking for a new lessee or to sell the land. It became derelict and a group of scallywag skateboarders broke in and destroyed part of the South Course, building concrete ramps over the greens. The Council were slow in evicting them and had to demolish the destruction to the course and re-secure it again. No convictions were brought against the group, who are still badgering the Council in letting them have it back again because the Council has still not leased it out a year later in 2015.
It was a shame to see the course go. It was part of a large group of putting courses around our coastal tourist spots in it's day. It ended up being called Little Oasis Crazy Golf.

Terry McElligott said...

I ran the Margate course during the late 70's - mid 80's and tried to keep it immaculate. It was really busy we were open to 11.00 pm on some Summer nights. It was a shame it got destroyed by some skateboarders who illegally trespassed on the sight after the lessee left. It is ruined but was still in good shape before. It could be put back to how it was but who is going to when there are no customers anymore ? I fear the skateboarders will come back and have another go at it. They need somewhere to skate but here ? Oh dear.

Richard Gottfried said...

Hi Terry and thank you for your comments. Some very interesting info. A real shame that the course is now derelict. I do enjoy playing Arnold Palmer Putting Courses. All the very best, Richard.