Sunday, April 06, 2014

Q&A with the Glutenlibre Celiac Awareness website

Check out my recent Q&Q with the Glutenlibre team at "Glutenlibre Q&A with Richard Gottfried."

The Glutenlibre website and brand promotes awareness for celiac* disease and the gluten-free lifestyle.

In my interview I discuss my diagnosis as a coeliac* in 2008, life as a Pro Minigolfer, how I've managed the transition to a gluten free lifestyle, the impact on my life and the wide-range of sports, games and activities I get up to on my travels.

World Crazy Golf Championships in Hastings, England
Playing in the final of the World Crazy Golf Championships the year after my diagnosis

Since 2012 Glutenlibre has been using "Gfree performance" to show people they can still have a full, healthy lifestyle despite having to live on a strict and life-long gluten free diet.


* Celiac in the USA and Coeliac in the UK, but either way it's pronounced "See-lee-ack".

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